Case Studies

Tepsys case study

Case Study: TEPSYS, Japan

TEPSYS uses DataHub® technology supplied by BellChild to upgrade data collection, storage, and visualization in a hydroelectric power plant.

Skye Controls case study

Case Study: Skye Controls, USA

Nishihara case study

Case Study: Nishihara, Japan

Nishihara developed N-Share, with products from Skkynet and partner BellChild, to improve access to process data in water purification and sewage plants.

Kobata Gauge case study

Case Study: Kobata Gauge, Japan

Kobata Gauge uses software and services from Skkynet and partner BellChild for cloud-based monitoring of medical gas usage.

Air Liquide case study

Case Study: Air Liquide, USA

Air Liquide can produce an extra 500 tons of output per year thanks to DataHub bridging and a DataHub script written by Software Toolbox.

TANAP case study

Case Study: TANAP Pipeline, Turkey

Skkynet’s DataHub middleware was used by ABB for secure, real-time data networking on the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) project in Turkey.

Papeterie de Mandeure

Case Study: Papeterie de Mandeure, France

French paper company, Papeterie de Mandeure, accesses data from their OT system and feeds it to their IT system and MES, using the DataHub.

Metso rock crusher

Case Study: Metso, France

By using SkkyHub, Metso cut their project time by 50%, and exceeded customer expectations by meeting tight deadlines and providing top-level expertise.

BP logo on refinery cooling tower

Case Study: BP Pipelines, USA

BP Pipelines uses the Cogent DataHub to integrate legacy and new systems, connecting Sybase, Oracle, and leak detection tools.

Siemens logo on building

Case Study: Siemens, Denmark

Siemens engineers in Copenhagen connect equipment and instrumentation in a high-security facility to a remote monitoring location, using Cogent DataHub

Schneider Electric logo on factory

Case Study: Schneider Electric FZE, Dubai

Schneider Electric FZE integrates building security with energy management for state-of-the-art energy efficiency at significant cost savings.

Coca-Cola Ballina bottling plant

Case Study: Coca-Cola Bottler, Ireland

State-of-the-art Coca-Cola plant uses DataHub scripts to integrate alarm data and reports.

Kimberly-Clark logo on sign

Case Study: Kimberly-Clark, Switzerland

Kimberly-Clark production facility in Niederbipp, Switzerland, uses Cogent DataHub to network video systems for quality control.

Wind turbine farm

Case Study: Wind Turbine Farm, USA

Major wind power company implements custom DataHub® scripts to control wind turbine speeds, protecting endangered-species bats.

ABB logo on building

Case Study: ABB Energy Automation, Italy

Italy’s ABB Energy Automation feeds data from power plant facilities directly to corporate offices—in real time—using the Cogent DataHub.

Gazprom pipeline

Case Study: Gazprom, Russia

Gazprom uses DataHub to integrate SCADA, HMI modules, RTUs, data processing and historical archiving for 23,000 kilometers of pipelines.

Teva plant

Case Study: TEVA API Pharmaceuticals, Hungary

Pharmaceuticals company TEVA combines tunnelling and aggregation to network OPC data through their firewall.

Plastics manufacturer

Case Study: Plastics Manufacturer, Scandinavia

A leading plastics manufacturer used the DataHub to access process data for engineering analysis and ERP, realizing substantial savings of time, materials, and production costs.

Berkeley Lab tower

Case Study: University of California, Berkeley, USA

DataHub is used to integrate data for distributed control of unmanned aerial vehicles at the Vehicle Dynamics Lab (VDL) of the University of California, Berkeley.

Caterpillar excavator

Case Study: Excavator Manufacturer, Brazil

Key decision makers at an excavator manufacturer plant in Sao Paulo gain complete overview of live production data at their central office.

Mukhaizna oil drilling rig

Case Study: Mukhaizna Oil Field, Oman

The Cogent DataHub was recently used to optimize OPC connections for a leading oil company in the giant Mukhaizna oil field in the Sultanate of Oman.

Minera San Cristobal Tesorera pit

Case Study: Minera San Cristobal, Bolivia – 1

Minera San Cristobal (owned by Apex Silver and Sumitomo Corp), uses the Cogent DataHub to connect corporate and control systems.

Minera San Cristobal flotation cells

Case Study: Minera San Cristobal, Bolivia – 2

Using DataHub software to integrate a DeltaV SCADA system with video cameras and flotation and grinding expert systems.

Hotel de Ville de Montreal

Case Study: City of Montreal, Canada

The City of Montreal uses DataHub for data connectivity in 10 billion dollar project to upgrade the quality of drinking water production and distribution.

Case Study: TESS Engineering, Japan

TESS Engineering uses Cogent DataHub to support remote monitoring of boiler systems though wireless cloud computing system.

KuibyshevAzot chemical plant

Case Study: KuibyshevAzot Chemical Plant, Russia

Russian chemicals giant KuibyshevAzot uses DataHub software to link Yokogawa DCS to proprietary system in QNX.

Wind towers

Case Study: Renewable Wind Power, Turkey

A prominent electrical power production company in Istanbul uses the WebView application to monitor data from wind farms in Turkey.

ABB logo on building

Case Study: ABB, Colombia

Electrical substation upgrade: connecting ABB MicroSCADA suite to Oracle using DataHub.

Citect battery manufacturing line

Case Study: Citect (Schneider Electric), USA

The DataHub solved a data integration challenge comprising over 220 OPC-enabled devices across the plant to be connected to a single Citect MES system

St. Maarten, Caribbean

Case Study: PowerData, Caribbean

Caribbean resort facilities and power stations use DataHub to monitor system output and performance, through a real-time data display in a web browser.

Case Study: Biomass Biotechnology Bio, Japan

The Biomass Biotechnology Bio company has found a good use for pesky flies—let them eat manure!

Case Study: RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Closed-Loop Control of Weaving Machines using the Cogent DataHub