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Getting more from OPC A&E white paper

Getting More from OPC A&E

Easily access OPC A&E from multiple network sources, or convert it to OPC DA, UA and other protocols using DataHub middleware.

Secure IoT Gateway Architecture

An enhanced, secure-by-design OPC UA to MQTT gateway can pass data through a DMZ or IT department, keeping all inbound firewall ports on the plant closed.

DHTP Protocol Comparison

IIoT Protocol Comparison

A good IIoT protocol is the basis for effective IIoT data communication. Without secure, robust IIoT protocol, data can be late, missing, inconsistent, or dangerously incorrect, leading to costly errors and wasted time.

Making OPC UA Secure for the Industrial IoT

OPC UA is secure inside the plant. The challenge of making OPC UA secure for the IIoT is to give secure access to OPC UA data through a closed perimeter.