Industrial IoT Demo

Industrial IoT at Industrial Speeds

Contact a friend, or try opening a second web browser on your smartphone at Exchange IDs, move your pointer and compare!

This is how Industrial IoT should work: in real time, at industrial speed, and secure.

Want to test your data latency?  Enter your own ID and you can see how fast your data moves.  The data driving the black dot makes a round trip from your mouse to the SkkyHub cloud service, and back to this page.

What am I looking at?

This demo may seem simple, but it packs a lot into a small space:

  • Low Latency — the first thing you’ll notice with SkkyHub is speed. Cutting latencies to just a few milliseconds over network speeds, you get to see the true dynamics of your system, not just a time-delayed snapshot.
  • Aggregation — each dot displays data from an individual device. SkkyHub aggregates data from multiple sources into a single, unified data set.
  • Real-time M2M — each computer or phone displaying this demo page is both sending and receiving real-time data via SkkyHub. Your machine connects to their machine in real time.
  • Cloud relay — SkkyHub acts as a relay, not just an end point. The data flows through the cloud, not just to the cloud.

When you’re looking for an Industrial IoT solution, all of these features need to be on your check-list.

Here’s How It Works
When you loaded this page,  a secure connection to Skkynet’s SkkyHub cloud service was automatically established. As your mouse hovers over the blue box, the page sends your data over the secure connection (white dot), and receives data from any other connected pages (black dots).

This is just one example of Industrial IoT.  If you want to see a demo that is more relevant to your business, send us an email.

SkkyHub IoT demo diagram