Devices tested

The following devices have been tested with the Embedded Toolkit (ETK).

Product Name and ModelManufacturerContact
XportLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
XPort ARLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
XPort ProLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
WiPort NRLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
UDS1100/2100LantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
EDS1100/2100LantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
MatchPort ARLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
xPicoLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
PremierWaveEN / PremierWaveXNLantronixNissin Systems Co., Ltd.
Armadillo 400 seriesAtmark Techno,Inc.TOA Musendenki Co.,LTD
SG1010SystemBaseDevice Drivers Limited
GR-SAKURARenesas / Wakamatsu Tsusho Co, LtdSkkynet UA Lab
mbed NXP LPC1768ARM
Skkynet UA Lab
Arduino Ethernet SHIELD
Arduino Project
Smart Projects
Skkynet UA Lab
(ARCNET-PCI board)
Advanet Inc.Skkynet UA Lab
TMD3591AD/SR/PCTOA Musendenki Co., LTDTOA Musendenki Co., LTD

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