Case Study: TEPSYS, Japan

TEPSYS uses DataHub® technology supplied by BellChild to upgrade data collection, storage, and visualization in a hydroelectric power plant.

Case Study: Skye Controls, USA

Case Study: Nishihara, Japan

Nishihara developed N-Share, with products from Skkynet and partner BellChild, to improve access to process data in water purification and sewage plants.

Case Study: Kobata Gauge, Japan

Kobata Gauge uses software and services from Skkynet and partner BellChild for cloud-based monitoring of medical gas usage.

Case Study: Air Liquide, USA

Air Liquide can produce an extra 500 tons of output per year thanks to DataHub bridging and a DataHub script written by Software Toolbox.

Case Study: TANAP Pipeline, Turkey

Skkynet’s DataHub middleware was used by ABB for secure, real-time data networking on the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) project in Turkey.