Skkynet White Papers

Making OPC UA Secure for the Industrial IoT

OPC UA is secure inside the plant. The challenge of making OPC UA secure for the IIoT is to give secure access to OPC UA data through a closed perimeter.

Industrial IoT without REST

REST using HTTP is not adequate for the IIoT, due to performance and architectural problems. Go with the faster, lower cost, and more scalable alternative.

Will IT and OT Converge?

IT and OT, Information and Operational Technology, have grown up separately. Yet now they may be learning to live under one roof.

Value Propositions for Industrial IoT

Among all the fanfare and hoopla over the Industrial IoT, the more practical-minded among us quietly but persistently raise the question, “So, where’s the value?” It’s a fair question. The IoT represents a new area of influence for industrial automation. Before embarking on such a venture, it’s good to have some idea what the benefits may be.