“The result is a robust and secure feed of live process data for real-time monitoring, collaboration, predictive maintenance”

– Control Magazine, “Better Than A VPN

Skkynet’s SkkyHub service

Provides best-in-class, secure access to your SCADA system, allowing you to connect, observe, and decide in real-time from any device, in any location.

Secure by Design

No open firewalls, no need for VPNs or other security wrappers. SkkyHub was designed without any Internet attack surfaces.

End to End Solution Without Development

M2M, plant to plant, real-time data can be visualized or networked securely, with no programming required.

Visualize with Supervisory Control

Fully web-based HMI delivers stunning graphics with response rates that replicate or exceed the performance of traditional HMIs. Gauges, trends, and other data-driven displays update in milliseconds.

Enable Any Device

Flexible connectors to the SkkyHub service can be tailored to the application and resources available on virtually any embedded device.

When Real Real-time Matters Most

SkkyHub offers vastly improved efficiency at a significantly reduced cost to provide very low-latency, high-throughput so you can accurately observe process dynamics.