The Internet of Big Things is Here

“The result is a robust and secure feed of live process data for real-time monitoring, collaboration, predictive maintenance”

- Control Magazine, “Better Than A VPN

Shifting to a New Paradigm

Your information sources are distributed across the globe in different time zones.  As events happen, every moment counts.  Whether it is data from industrial facilities, financial systems or a myriad of embedded devices driving your business forward, you need instant access to and control of your information.  That is where we come in, to provide you with an inter-connectedness previously not thought possible.  We give you control.

Bridging the Communication Divide

Imagine bridging diverse information flows and sharing them seamlessly anywhere and anytime, securely, and in true real-time over the Internet.  Imagine linking your intellectual capital in one time zone so that it can react to developing events in another facility halfway across the globe from nothing more than a Web browser.  Have you thought of managing a fleet of vehicles or data devices coherently with millisecond response times?  Do you need to observe what is happening, when it is happening?  We make this possible.

When Real Real-time Matters Most

Traditional “real time” systems have been developed around database architectures, which employ transactional data.  The very nature of this architecture introduces communication inefficiencies that limit data rates and increases latency to the point where remote users cannot observe process dynamics.  That is, the remote user is unable to observe what is happening as it occurs.  This, of course, restricts what can be done remotely with the data.  Skkynet offers the solution, by providing vastly improved efficiency at a significantly reduced cost.

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