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Cogent DataHub – Your First Choice for Data Acquisition, Visualization and Networking

With the ability to support 50,000+ data point changes/second, a powerful scripting tool for customization, and multi-language support, the Cogent DataHub sets a new bar in flexibility and ease of use.

Whether you need to link a custom program, trigger an event every time a specific value changes, or build a custom window for data input, the Cogent DataHub can handle it without breaking a sweat.

Cogent Datahub diagram

In minutes:

  • Connect to multiple data sources and clients: OPC UA, OPC DA, Modbus, TCP, ODBC, and more
  • Tunnel OPC data across any network, securely and without DCOM issues
  • Bridge OPC and other data servers for M2M connectivity
  • Connect any ODBC compliant database for easy read and write capabilities
  • Guarantee data integrity with hot-standby redundancy
  • Feed live data to Excel spreadsheets for real-time calculations
  • Visualize your data with a full-featured web-based HMI
  • Securely access your data anywhere in the world without VPNs or any open firewall ports

What our customers are saying:

“The DataHub is running very well. We do a lot of data integration in many projects. We have a good feeling for this product. We have chosen the right solution.”

– Carsten Barsballe, automation project leader, Siemens, Denmark

What’s New For This Year

  • Cogent DataHub version 8
  • OPC UA client and server support
  • Tunnelling support for HTTP Connect and Basic Proxy Servers
  • USB camera support for in-band images/video
  • Better Integration to Skkynet’s SkkyHub™ service