Digital Transformation in Wonderware and AVEVA

This one is local.  Although our DataHub software is running in pretty much every industrialized country in the world, and our SkkyHub service connects plants and offices across nations and continents, next week we will be travelling just down the street to participate in the Wonderware Canada East Knowledge Transfer Event, right here in Mississauga, Ontario.

Skkynet, Cogent (a Skkynet subsidiary), and the DataHub products have a long history with Wonderware.  The first large-scale implementation of DataHub technology, which ran for more than 20 years, was at a chocolate manufacturing plant in Toronto.  Initially tasked with providing a fast and reliable connection between Wonderware InTouch running in Windows and QNX-based supervisory control systems, Cogent introduced the real-time middleware architecture that is the functional precursor of DataHub, SkkyHub, ETK and DHTP technology.

Since that time the Wonderware company was acquired by Schneider Electric, and earlier this year there was a merger between Schneider Electric’s industrial software business and the AVEVA Group, one of the world’s largest providers of engineering and industrial software. One of the primary goals of the merger was to “accelerate how capital-intensive industries achieve end-to-end digital transformation.”

In fact, the theme of next week’s Knowledge Transfer Event is “Increase Your Competitive Edge through Digital Transformation.”  Put simply, digital transformation is how the Industrial IoT and related digital technologies are currently changing the industrial landscape.  AVEVA’s position is that “understanding the technology and driving forces behind digital transformation is the key to mastering the digital future of industry.”

As an AVEVA partner, with DataHub products listed on the AVEVA Digital Exchange, Skkynet has been a strong supporter and proponent of digital transformation.  Our participation in this upcoming event is focused on educating Wonderware users, distributors and partners on how Skkynet’s DataHub technology can meet the needs for secure streaming of the industrial data involved in digital transformation.

After more than two decades, Skkynet continues to build a relationship with Wonderware that started in real-time industrial data communication, and is now evolving into digital transformation.  What exactly will that look like?  If you happen to be in Mississauga next week, feel free to stop by the event to meet us and find out.