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CSIA Interviews Xavier Mesrobian

In a recent podcast, Lisa Richter from the Control System Integration Association (CSIA) spoke with Xavier Mesrobian, Skkynet’s VP of Sales and Marketing, about Skkynet and its vision for the future.

“The biggest challenge for system integration is cybersecurity,” Mesrobian said. “Today, and in the future, our ability to control infrastructure and access to company data will becomes a very critical piece of the business. When a company gets hacked, it’s not a small issue. They’re either going to pay a ransom or they’re not—either way it could cost them millions of dollars.”

“Our approach to any project is to be secure by design,” he continued. “If I’m moving data from an operations network to a DMZ or to an IT department, I don’t want to have any attack surfaces; I don’t want to fall back on adding multi-layer security to prevent somebody from breaking into IT. I want the solution to be locked down hard and secure from the get-go.”

“Because at the end of the day, if it’s locked down hard and secure, it’s easy to use. Then you—the system integrator—will garner more activity and more projects. So we understand that we must have a reliable product that you can promote and work with, to keep your customers happy.”

Listen to the full podcast:

This interview was originally  published on the CSIA Exchange and appears here with permission.