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Adding Security and Flexibility to MQTT

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) recently published a case study titled Adding Security and Flexibility to MQTT in which an implementation of MQTT was made more secure, and at the same time more flexible, using Skkynet’s DataHub technology.

In a large wood processing plant in North America, managers had planned a data collection and integration system to cut production costs, improve output and enhance network security. However, their chosen protocol, MQTT, did not provide sufficient security and flexibility. The project depended on connecting multiple MQTT inputs to a single MQTT broker in the cloud, while also allowing plant personnel to consolidate, log, and analyze the data along the way. And they had to keep the production system secure behind a DMZ.

No conventional MQTT broker could do all that. Bit they found that DataHub software, with its MQTT Smart Broker, logging, tunnelling, and other features was well suited to the task.