Industrial Networking Made Easy

Skkynet’s SkkyHub™ service is a secure, end-to-end solution that makes it easy to connect and network any number of industrial systems or data sources. You can visualize real time data with our built-in Web-based HMI―or your own, monitor or control your process or equipment from almost anywhere, and network any plant or remote system, with no additional hardware or programming necessary.  No open firewall ports, no VPN’s to manage; secured by design.

DataHub® UA Tunneller and DA Tunneller provide the easiest and most reliable way to securely communicate between networked computers using either OPC DA or UA. For OPC DA, no DCOM, no configuration issues, and no time-outs. It does away with the headaches typically associated with DCOM configuration. While DCOM requires a reliable communication network, DA Tunneller operates well under sub-standard networking conditions, widely distributed network nodes, and unreliable infrastructures such as satellite or wireless networks. UA Tunneller and DA Tunneller never drop the OPC server or client connection, even during network breaks.


Securely Access Your Real-Time Plant Data from Anywhere

High-speed data throughput:  Collect, send, and receive up to 50,000 data changes per second at speeds just a few milliseconds over Internet latency.
Security:  SkkyHub allows you to keep all firewall ports closed, eliminating any attack surface on the plant.  Supports SSL encryption and password protection.  Requires no VPN or additional security hardware.
Integrity: Make no changes to the hardware or software of your existing SCADA system.  You decide what data to transmit, and how: one-way or bidirectionally.  You do all the configuration, and only you can make changes to it.
Network OPC without DCOM: Quickly configure robust and secure OPC connections on a network or the Internet, without DCOM. Eliminate COM configuration headaches, minute-long timeouts, and unreliable networking.


Visualize Your Data on the Web in Real Time

High performance: View any connected process in a fully web-based HMI.  Stunning graphics and real-time response replicate or exceed the performance of traditional HMIs.  Gauges, trends, and other data-driven displays update in milliseconds.
Secure access: With SkkyHub you can qualify users and configure security settings to provide read-only access to limited data sets for partners and vendors, while giving bi-directional access to managers and staff for supervisory control.  Authorized developers can access the complete online design interface.
Convenience: Your system designers can create and edit screens from any location.  No coding or development system required, just drag and drop desktop-quality graphics to build HMI screens right inside a web browser.  Choose from thousands of industry standard symbols, or add your own.  Deploy any changes to all users instantly.


Inform Your Decisions using Real-Time and Archived Data

Real-time analytics:  A built-in scripting language and real-time connections to Excel provide a platform for running real-time analytics on data as it flows through the system.  Combine these with data archived in a database of your choice, or the Historian.
Database integration:  Log your process data to any table of any SQL database (such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) under any specified conditions.  A sophisticated store and forward mechanism ensures that no data is lost due to possible connection failure.  Run queries in real time to bring any database value back into the live system.
Data Historian: A built-in system-wide data historian records any number of data points at any specified frequency, and provides tools for alarms, reports, data analysis, and evaluation.  Reports and graphs are accessible in print form and on the web.