Unlock Your Market Analytics with Real Time Excel Networking

Despite all of the specialized real-time software available for supporting real-time trading applications, too often valuable data and analytics are locked up in spreadsheet silos. Skkynet VINE™ offers traders a way to network and share analytical results in real time. With VINE you can connect to all your data sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, or your custom data feeds, and deliver your analytical results to everyone that needs to see them in Excel; in your office or across the world in a remote office, in real time.

With VINE, your Excel derived analytical data is visible for everyone to display, manipulate, publish, or even combine with new analytical data to be further shared throughout your organization, empowering an environment of collaboration.  Connection to Excel through DDE is transparent, instant and easy with Skkynet VINE.


Just Drag-and-Drop

VINE lets Excel communicate over a network, providing a secure, robust platform for exchanging data in real time across the office and across the world. Data and analytics from any DDE-enabled data source can now be sent and received in real time. Live data can be drag-and-dropped into an Excel spreadsheet, and just as easily pulled back out.

As with all Skkynet products, VINE is also fully integrated with SkkyHub™; an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to connect and network any number of VINE systems or other data sources, as well as visualizing real-time data with our built-in Web-based HMI with no additional hardware or programming necessary.  No open firewall ports, no VPNs to manage; secured by design.

True real-time access to your financial analytics – take your decision-making to new levels