Skkynet ETK – A scalable toolkit for Real-time IIoT Connectivity

The Skkynet ETK is like no other SDK on the market.  Our unique extendable framework design with unified data architecture lets you integrate your data in-plant, on the cloud or both in the same project. Secure-by-design, the ETK supports low latency, high speed, and high volume data connections without opening inbound firewall ports, or using VPNs or additional security hardware when connecting outside the plant network.

The ETK supports real-time data connections for multiple client and servers, connecting any number of data sources and users.  Pre-installed Modbus, tunnelling, and an OPC UA option let you quickly configure in-plant and cloud connections, while you can also build in any additional industrial or custom protocol using SDK parameters.

  • No need to learn OPC UA, the ETK is available with pre-integrated OPC UA Server capabilities.
  • Connect to Modbus TCP slaves, the DataHub, and SkkyHub for real-time monitoring and control.
  • Unique application framework design links all data protocols to a single unified data set.
  • Supports multiple client and multiple server connections in an easy-to-implement package, without the need for a gateway.
  • Event-driven multi-threading for easy sensor integration.
  • Optional support for IPV6, SSL, WebSockets, OPC UA, and a built-in scripting language allows you to tailor the EDK to your application and the resources available.
  • Runs on Linux, uClinux, TreadX and TRON hosts on virtually any CPU, including resource-constrained MPUs with no floating point or MMU support.
  • It is free to use for qualified partners, with no run-time royalties or fees.

Smart Connections – Secure by Design

Secure.  Outbound connections to the cloud keep all plant firewall ports closed, and require no VPNs. Data communication is bidirectional, low latency, and can be encrypted using SSL, making the Skkynet ETK ideally suited for intelligent gateways and protocol converters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote IO units, and networked intelligent endpoints.  Built-in SSL library provides data encryption. You decide what data to transmit, and how: one-way or bi-directionally, to or from any number of clients and servers, through forward and reverse proxies.

Fast. The ETK can receive, integrate, and resend up to 50,000 data changes per second at speeds just a few milliseconds over Internet latency. Data flow can be configured as one-way or bidirectional.

Flexible.  Both the DataHub and SkkyHub products support multiple simultaneous connections, allowing for fully integrated real-time M2M communication between devices located anywhere in the world.

Tested.  The ETK has been installed and tested on Renesas Synergy and RZ/N1, Red Lion devices, Raspberry Pi, Armadillo, mbed, Arduino, GR-Sakura, and ARCNET boards running Linux or TRON, as well as Lantronix XPort, WinPort, MatchPort, WiPort, PremierWave, and more.

End to End.  The ETK coupled with either the DataHub or SkkyHub  products provide a complete end to end development platform. SkkyHub includes WebView®, a full-featured web-based HMI to display live data from any device in charts, trends, gauges or other controls, as well as real-time integration to virtually any SCADA system. DataHub provides real-time integration to virtually any SCADA system