Consumer IoT


Expect Fast Data

As the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) finds more and more applications in home and commercial services, there is a growing need for secure access to data in real time. Most approaches to data collection and distribution rely on relational databases, which are not suited to the high-speed data transfer that consumers have grown to expect. “If you’re going to service the Facebook generation the way that they want to see information, you’re going to have to give them customized information in the context that they want to see it, in real time.” – Paul Maritz, President & CEO, VMware, keynote address at VMWorld 2011.

We Deliver Faster

Skkynet provides a secured, real-time cloud-based infrastructure that can support the unique needs of consumer IoT appliances and commercial monitoring systems. Unlike existing database solutions, Skkynet software uses patent-pending real-time data transfer technology to bring data directly to consumers with minimum delay. And support for open protocols like HTTP(S), TCP/SSL, HTML5 WebSocket, and streaming AJAX ensures the flexibility to connect to virtually any device.