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Which Connectivity Solution Is Right For You?

Industrial SaaS

Skkynet offers a SaaS platform that provides secure end-to-end networking for plant, devices, and industrial systems in the form of SkkyHub™.

With zero upfront investment, SkkyHub provides a web-based HMI for remote access and supervisory control.  This platform can be implemented on virtually any new or existing system at a low capital cost.

Industrial In-Plant

With more than 1,000 clients and over 9,000 implementations the Cogent DataHub® is your first choice for data acquisition, visualization and networking.  Whether you need to link a custom program, connect multiple plant systems, trigger an event every time a specific value changes, log data to an SQL database, mirror data across systems, or build a custom window for data input, the DataHub is your premiere industrial utility knife.


Skkynet provides attractive solutions to embedded systems in the Internet of Things (IoT) and for M2M applications.  Our Embedded Toolkit (ETK) can be employed within deeply embedded, resource-constrained devices, requiring as little as 32KB of memory and a simple 8-bit processor to make a reliable data connection.

Consumer IoT

Skkynet provides diverse solutions for consumer-facing IoT applications, such as monitoring of large deployments of smart devices like media set-top boxes, atmospheric monitoring stations in agriculture, vehicle fleet tracking, and utility meters.


Skkynet provides specific solutions for financial applications.  Our software supports robust and secure, real-time, two-way networking for Excel spreadsheets, as well as any live data feed that offers a DDE interface.

What Are The Benefits To You?

  • Ultra Fast

    Our real-time system employs proprietary tunneling technology, combined with patent-pending real-time data transfer and visualization technology.  We can build a real-time data service that meets rigorous standards for industrial control, with latency measured in milliseconds, not seconds or minutes, and provide true low latency and bi-directionality. The cloud-based system can be quickly scaled up to provide high-speed support for large data sets.

  • Flexible

    We can provide real-time network access to data from any data source, including legacy systems.  Delivery in just about any protocol, including HTTP(S), TCP/SSL, HTML5 WebSocket, streaming AJAX, local protocols like DDE, OPC, custom applications, plug-ins and URL handlers.  Remote viewing is easily configurable, and always in real time.  You can extend capabilities of existing, older systems without disturbing current investments, and without being restricted by older technology based on transactional data.

  • Secure

    Our data system model is inherently safer by design, and best-in-class: no open incoming firewall ports are necessary on client or server; no changes to most existing IT infrastructure or security policies are even necessary.  Data can be transported over industry-standard SSL and port 443. Full redundancy is supported out of the box; we can deploy over multiple cloud servers to meet the highest customer requirements.

  • Convenient

    In addition to the benefits of access to your data in remote locations such as better collaboration and efficiency, we offer a significantly lower cost of implementation, reduced capital expense, and increased security and process isolation.  You, the client, retain end-to-end control of your data.  Custom-branding is available.  Our solution makes use of a variety of web technologies to display data on a wide range of hand-helds from smart phones to the most modern tablets.  As web and mobile technologies advance, our cloud-based servers can be easily adapted to accommodate that evolution, providing to our customers an assurance that they are not “stuck” on a particular technology.