Unlock Your Market Analytics with Real Time Excel Networking

VINE™ connects to all your data sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, or your custom data feeds, and delivers your analytical results to everyone that needs to see them in Excel; in your office or across the world in a remote office, in real-time.

With VINE, your Excel derived analytical data is visible for everyone to display, manipulate, publish, or even combine with new analytical data to be further shared throughout your organization, empowering an environment of collaboration.  Connection to Excel through DDE is transparent, instant and easy with Skkynet VINE.

Robust and Secure

At the core of VINE is our 19 years of experience in manufacturing; enabling real-time data collection, integration, distribution, and visualization of mission-critical process control data. With our unique, non-intrusive, firewall-friendly, low bandwidth and highly scalable solution, not only do you control your data distribution, you also control your intellectual property. Since you are only sharing your analytical data, rather than sharing the Excel spreadsheet, all your computations are secured and only the results you choose to share are distributed.

No VPNs, No Open Firewall Ports

VINE can be integrated with the SkkyHub™ service so your offices do not need to invest in security solution to share your Excel analytical data.  With SkkyHub, your firewalls remain closed, there is no need for any VPN connectivity, yet your analytical data can be shared bi-directionally.  Each user is isolated, preventing virus propagation and cyber-attack, without compromising speed.

Fast Three-Step Setup

VINE is implemented in three easy steps, without any development, databases or software scripting required. In fact, most implementations can be configured in minutes with no impact on your existing office infrastructure or changes to your security.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We set up a small system with one of our traders in New York and in 15 minutes we got an email back saying he thought it was amazing.”

Alex Forkosh
Alex ForkoshProject Manager, Breakwater Trading

“One of our largest clients, a boutique energy broking firm, required development of a spreadsheet which could store bid/offer pricing information for a number of different energy products. Additional to this, the spreadsheet needed to be distributed to each of the brokers over two offices 1,000 km apart with the most recent prices changes replicated in real time. VINE has revolutionized the amount of communication between the brokers and optimized the service provided to our client.”

Paul FindlayAspire Technology - Australia

“VINE operates independently from Excel and with the ability to act both as a DDE client and a DDE server simultaneously, the functionality of Excel itself is not inhibited in any way. We recommend anyone to use this software to efficiently transfer data from any Excel file to any other Excel file via a local network.”

Allan BarrowManaging Director, abFutures Ltd. - New Zealand

“VINE is a simple concept which leads to a simple implementation.  We are using it to move a large amount of data around with no impact on the end users, but with a massive benefit for people needing this data readily available.”

IT ManagerLeading Energy Trader - London, UK

“The demo software was easy to install and allowed us to put together a prototype system up in just a few days …  The results were very good and the support we got from Skkynet was excellent.  We’re very pleased with the results and we’ll be looking to use VINE to expand our network of traders in the future.”

IT ManagerGlobal Trading Company - Europe

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