Remote Monitoring

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Remote Monitoring

The SkkyHub™ service makes it easy to securely connect and monitor any number of remote systems for data acquisition and supervisory control, robust remote asset management, and real time analytics. Whether you are connecting one location or 100,000, with SkkyHub you have the peace of mind that your facilities are secure from internet attack, you only share the information you want to share and your analytics are updated in real-time from all your remote facilities, regardless of where they are located in the world.

  • No VPNs to manage
  • No open inbound firewall ports
  • Secure by design.
  • Provides the lowest TCO for remote monitoring and supervisory control.

3 Easy Steps

Data Acquisition and Supervisory Control

From one sensor to a complete SCADA system, whether connecting to one location or thousands, Skkynet allows you to remotely monitor, acquire data, and work as a global multi-national company.

  • Link to remote sensors and other field devices.
  • Collect data from any facility, such as wind farms, storage tanks, solar arrays, pipelines, or pumping stations.
  • Connect to in-plant systems locally or half-way across the world.
  • Provide one-way or bidirectional access to data.
  • View data live on the web, and/or archive and analyze it.

Remote Asset Management and Security

Make the shift from reactive servicing to predictive maintenance. Securely share selected information with asset vendors—there is no need to give them access to your control system when all they need is access to the pieces of equipment that they are maintaining.

With the SkkyHub™ service:

  • Selected process data can be securely streamed directly to your vendors in real time, without giving them access to your network.
  • You control what they see, what they can do, and how they can interact with the equipment.
  • Vendors do not have access to your control system, they have access to the data only.

Real-Time Analytics

Your Key Performance Indicators are only as good as when you collect the data. Why wait 24 hours to track your performance when you can track your KPIs in real time, and address issues and monitor success in seconds?

  • Improve the frequency of your KPI’s.
  • Implement synchronized company-wide dashboards—everyone sees exactly the same data at the same time.
  • Improve processes and reduce downtimes.