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Cogent DataHub OPC Server – Built With Networking In Mind

The Cogent DataHub OPC Server sets a new bar in flexibility and ease of use. It supports 50,000+ data point changes/second, a powerful scripting tool for customization, multi-language support, and connectors to Modbus TCP, ODBC and virtually any custom program.

With the DataHub OPC Server, data acquisition and networking has never been easier. Whether you need to link a custom program, trigger an event every time a specific value changes, bridge points between servers, or build a custom window for data input, the Cogent DataHub gets it done.

Cogent Datahub diagram

In minutes:

  • Connect to multiple data sources and clients: OPC, Modbus, TCP, ODBC, and more
  • Tunnel OPC data across any network, securely and without DCOM issues
  • Bridge OPC and other data servers for M2M connectivity
  • Connect any ODBC compliant database for easy read and write capabilities
  • Guarantee data integrity with hot-standby redundancy
  • Feed live data to Excel spreadsheets for real-time calculations
  • Visualize your data with a full-featured web-based HMI
  • Securely access your data anywhere in the world without VPNs or any open firewall ports

What our customers are saying:

“The DataHub is running very well. We do a lot of data integration in many projects. We have a good feeling for this product. We have chosen the right solution.”

– Carsten Barsballe, automation project leader, Siemens, Denmark

What’s New For This Year

  • Cogent DataHub version 8
  • OPC UA client and server support
  • Tunnelling suport for HTTP Connect and Basic Proxy Servers
  • USB camera support
  • Better Integration to Skkynet’s SkkyHub™ service