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Tunnel data from Modbus TCP devices across a network

With the DataHub Modbus Tunneller, connect any number of different Modbus TCP slave devices and easily share that data with other DataHub nodes across a network or Internet connection.

A common use for the Modbus Tunneller is to share data between Modbus devices in one location with OPC/DDE or ODBC (database) clients in other locations, without having to deal with DCOM or Windows security permissions.

  • Private cloud ready
  • Eliminate the need for an OPC Server. The DataHub Tunneller includes the Modbus TCP interface needed to collect your data. You can then tunnel the data without having to convert it into OPC. This saves time and money as you don’t need to purchase an OPC Server to read from the Modbus devices
  • Reduces communication complexities
  • No need to perform protocol conversion until you connect to the client program on the other end of the tunnel
  • Supports SSL encryption for better security
  • Easy point-and-click configuration or XML file import
  • Supports asynchronous socket multiplexing in Modbus TCP to share one TCP connection with multiple Modbus devices
    • This eliminates cross coupling between client timeouts
    • Provides client timing independence
  • Use our built-in scripting tools to customize your installation and monitoring needs

What our customers are saying:

“The project was straightforward to implement. With the excellent support from Software Toolbox and Cogent for the DataHub, we were in very good hands. The system has been online for a few months now, and is working very well. This is where the world needs to go in this age of high energy prices. We not only save money for the customer, but protect the environment as well.”

– Pradeep Viswanathan, BAS Field Supervisor, Schneider Electric FZE, Dubai

As with most of our license packs, the Cogent DataHub® is also fully integrated with Skkynet’s SkkyHub™ service; an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to connect and network any number of industrial systems or data sources.

You can visualize real-time data with our built-in Web-based HMI – or your own, monitor or control your process or equipment from almost anywhere, and network any plant or remote system, with no additional hardware or programming necessary.

No open firewall ports, no VPNs to manage; secured by design.

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