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Bridge data between OPC Servers

The DataHub OPC Bridge lets you bridge data between multiple OPC servers so that a change in one piece of equipment can be communicated directly to another.  You can scale or modify your data as it passes through the DataHub, and define more complex relationships with the built-in Scripting language. Connect several OPC servers and clients to create a common data set, and the multi-threaded interface means that a slow or non-responsive server will not slow down any other connections.

  • Data can be modified using linear transformations
  • Multi-threading eliminates bottlenecks caused by unresponsive servers
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources into a common data set
  • Configure bridges across a network using OPC tunneling
  • All data from all OPC servers available to any OPC client
  • Also works with non-OPC data sources and clients
  • Use our built-in scripting tools to customize your installation and monitoring needs

What our customers are saying:

“The DataHub worked very well for this project. OPC bridging has given us a complete and reliable way to network real-time data.”

– Bruno Maurer, Noser Engineering AG, Switzerland

As with most of our license packs, the Cogent DataHub® is also fully integrated with Skkynet’s SkkyHub™ service; an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to connect and network any number of industrial systems or data sources.

You can visualize real-time data with our built-in Web-based HMI – or your own, monitor or control your process or equipment from almost anywhere, and network any plant or remote system, with no additional hardware or programming necessary.

No open firewall ports, no VPNs to manage; secured by design.

Popular Add-ons:

  • DataHub WebView – build and display private cloud-based web pages.
  • Data Logging – read/write data to/from any ODBC database
  • OPC A&E Support – connect to OPC A&E servers and clients.
  • OPC tunnel/Mirror – secure networking of OPC data without DCOM problems
  • DDE/Excel Support – connect to Excel spreadsheets and other DDE servers,
  • Email/SMS Notification – receive an email or SMS message based on data changes,
  • Data Historian – store and retrieve large volumes of data at high speeds,
  • Data Redundancy – hot standby switching between identical data sources,